Artist Statement

I’m a San Francisco filmmaker who’s been writing short narratives since the age of 10.  After going through a metamorphosis that took me from author of short stories to aspiring novelist, I eventually became a writer of the big screen.  Specializing in screenwriting and videography, I have over 13 years’ experience in film and video production.  In 2009, I received my BFA degree in Motion Pictures & Television from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University.

Foremost, I’m a screenwriter.  When I write a script, I always keep in mind that people today seek excitement and meaning; it’s not a compromise as I seek to achieve both.  I’ve written 5 feature screenplays, 3 short scripts and I’m developing several others.

As a director, producer & videographer, I know the power an image can provoke; a picture is worth a thousand words.  I create videos and documentaries to serve the community, bring about change and inspire the human spirit.

Finally, helping others is something I strive for.  I love working with non-profits or producing pro bono projects – as long as it makes a difference.  I’m open-minded and always willing to listen to your ideas.

Mariano Marquez III
Lightning Ray Pictures


Academy of Art University
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Motion Pictures & Television
Screenwriting – Cinematography – Film Production
3.52 GPA


  • Intro to Screenwriting
  • Screenwriting 2: Short Film
  • Successful Storytelling
  • Professional Rewriting
  • Writing for Television
  • The Writers’ Room
  • Adaptation
  • Writing for Film Genre
  • Screenwriting 3: Feature Film


  • Cinematic Storytelling: Super 8mm Film
  • Sketching for Communication
  • Motion Picture Language
  • Lightning 1: The Art of Seeing Light
  • Cinematography 1: 16mm Film
  • Cinematography 2: Advanced 16mm Film
  • Cinematography 3: 35mm Film
  • Cinematography 4: Advanced 35mm Film & HD

Editing & Sound

  • Intro to Computer Graphics: Photoshop & After Effects
  • Edit 1: Final Cut Pro
  • Edit 2: Advanced Final Cut Pro
  • Sound 1: Pro Tools – Foley & Effects
  • Demo Reel


  • Acting 1
  • Acting Techniques & Processes: Chekhov Technique
  • Movement 1: Alexander Technique


  • Producing 1
  • Unit Production Management


  • Directing Actors for Film & TV
  • Principles of Directing

Production Design

  • Production Design: Script to Screen

Liberal Arts

  • English Composition: Narrative Storytelling
  • English Composition: Creative Persuasion & Argument
  • Fundamentals of Professional Communication
  • Creative Writing
  • Critical Thinking & Philosophical Concepts
  • History of Film 1: Pre-1940
  • History of Film 2: Post-1940
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Power of Myth & Symbol
  • Art History Through the 15th Century
  • Art History Through the 19th Century
  • History of Aesthetics
  • Comparative Religion
  • Western Civilization

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